Success Stories

Why choose Linda and K-9 Kollege? Let our former clients explain.







Bob, Carol and Sydney

If you are interested in having your dog trained in just plain obedience or to eventually become a therapy dog, you can’t go wrong with Linda Lambert.  Linda has a unique way of training, she doesn’t train your dog, Linda trains you to train your dog.  I believe that this is the best way in that your dog becomes used to your voice giving commands and has a more pleasant experience with you being the “Alpha Dog”. My wife, Carol and I adopted our first dog, an Australian Cattle Dog, (Blue Heeler) at 3 ½ months old.  I don’t believe the puppy had been mistreated however I believe that the pup had been neglected in that it seemed to suffer from a lack of human contact, at least in the beginning of its life. 

With Linda’s training and coaching our “Sydney” has earned the AKC “Canine Good Citizen” award.  She is also a “Certified Therapy Dog” with Therapy Dogs International.  Syd has become the light of our life. As retirees, we needed a purpose in life and thought that training and handling a dog would be good for us.  We have enjoyed this experience and the friendship we have developed with Linda. We live over 1200 miles from Linda and with the internet and phone calls, it has been like we were with her during “our” training sessions. We have even made a few trips to Arizona to have Syd and us evaluated in our progress, and we were happy with Linda’s evaluations. We have taken Syd to VA homes and to a program called Tail Waggin’ Tutors where kids read to our Syd. Everyone remarks as to how good she is and they ask us “How did we train her to be such a good girl.”

Every responsible dog owner should have their dog trained in at least the basic obedience skills to respond willingly to commands so as not to be a pest to others and/or their dogs.
If you enlist Linda in your program of training your dog to become a good citizen of your community, you can’t go wrong. I’m sure if you follow her training you and your dog will be very happy with the results.

Aleta and John with Mazie

I don’t know what we would have done without Linda! Our crazy puppy had so much energy and was impossible to manage on or off leash. We started seeing Linda when Mazie was very young. Linda saw us through it all, even answering our questions months after our official training was done. Now Mazie is two years old and the most obedient dog on our block! I can’t recommend Linda more highly. She obviously knows what she’s doing from years and years of experience, but its also clear that she cares very much about what she does and puts her whole heart into it.



Shannon and Bella

K-9 Kollege has the best trainer (Linda Lambert) I've ever worked with! I thought I could train my dog myself but I was wrong. Not only did Linda train my dog, she trained me to train my dog.  Just an overall great experience! Bella (my Bull Mastiff) is a completely different dog now.  I highly recommend K-9 Kollege for any dog owner. You won't be disappointed.

Jim and Nash

Nash and I enjoyed our therapy dog training lessons very much. I'd recommend Linda if you want your dog to develop dependable and reliable manners. I found her methods to be sound and much more effective than those that are taught in many chain pet stores. It's a joy to have a well-mannered dog.

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