Special Item Focus: Holidays and Your Pets

The holiday season is here! Do you know how to protect your canine friends? Yes, you want them to be a part of the festivities, but there are precautions you need to take to ensure that your holiday season is not a tragic one.

First of all ….. there’s Thanksgiving! Please don’t give your dog any food from the table. Keep your pets safe. Below is a list of what NOT to feed your pets on Thanksgiving.

Turkey skin, bones, drippings, gravy (and don’t let them have access to twine that you used to truss your turkey)
Corn on the cob
Raisins and grapes
Fat trimmings and fatty foods
Bread, breaddough, rolls

Secondly, there’s Christmas! Most decorations can be deadly to your pets.

Live Christmas trees (needles, resin drippings)
Ornaments (can fall and become chew toys)
All of the items from the Thanksgiving list above.

What I do on my tree and have done so for years, is hang sleigh bells around the bottom of the tree. If o ne of my pets decides to
“explore”, I hear the ringing of the bells. I can then correct the pet. After a few times, they learn to leave the tree alone. Just a word of caution…..I seem to have to “retrain” them on this every year.

All of us here at K-9 Kollege wish you and yours the happiest (and safest) Holiday season.

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